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μισές δουλειές

έρχεται η άλλη η πιτσιρίκα η διδακτορικιά επισκέπτρια στο τμήμα, την βάζουνε στο γραφείο σου και τη ρωτάς από πού είσαι και σου λέει from sweden, but i'm half finnish και σκέφτεσαι ότι ένα μερεμέτι όντως το χρειάζεται.

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Supremacy and apprehension

- You are really an underling, aren’t you…?
- And you are a wretch! Come on now! Look at what you are donning!
- Well at least I don’t live at a combe by a hillside
- You don’t know what you are missing… the city has ricocheted your brains, they are completely skimmed now… no throb... no palpitation… no vitality… and full of bad ideas…
- They are not bad, they just need a bit of extrication… which you are fed up to engage… don’t blame the ideas man…
- I don’t blame the ideas… I blame you flipping stump!
- So what will happen to this beautiful dialogue of ours… will it, kinda, span to something either profound or funny? Or maybe bog into a moral?
- The insignificance of the moral of which ever artistic fen is as important as the peril of grooving crutch out of a stem…
- Ok… now you getting me somewhere…
- It is unavoidable to develop as a controversial…
- …and whoever faithful, please, do arrive…

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Where bile dwells

The hoodlum swilled a lot of booze. After he swinged his vessel down a muddy path, arrived swaying before a glorious sun. Stomping with his inner rattle, ended up spluttering and twitching. The gurgling of the cold flow nearby, witnessed a source of survival. His thirst would no longer sway. Snooping around the wood made his angst bland. He would have possessed something to brag about, bit later, when he would meet with the rest of the hecklers. At the moment, there were far more essential disputes over yonder: he needed sating his hunger.

the roots

Θα δώσομε συντάξεις. Θα φτιάξομε νοσοκομεία. Θα χτυπήσομε το κράτος της Δεξιάς. Θα γκλάιφ.

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βόρειοι λαοί

μοιράζεις φυλλάδια στο λονδίνο δύο ολόκληρες ώρες και δε βρίσκεται ούτε μια μιλφάρα της προκοπής να σου πει "πασάκα μου, φαίνεσαι κουρασμένος, θέλεις να μπεις λίγο, να ξαποστάσεις να με κεράσεις κι ένα υποβρύχιο;".

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Haar ron añejo, normalized to 1% abv

Theorem: Let \( G\) be a locally compact topological group. Then \( G \times G \times G \) is naturally equipped with a pirate measure.

Fits and dough

Lodging on the floor, the counterfoil book projected hackings in between the meticulously inked numbers. The entrepreneur sped to the Moorish Tower to get acquainted with the lunatic woman, the one he would hire to become his toddler’s nanny. When he attained, guess what he saw far at the stoop.

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Vouch, you will toss this twig !

She was vivaciously chattering her teeth in anguish, extruding a nice set of breeches by the porch. She hadn’t slept a wink and at present, she was pressing her postern separating the vestibule columns grumpily. You could shut your face and glance her. Oh, that buttocks, wobbly groping for a point of relief… on the verandah…while she was still under grief…    

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Can you dig that

The reluctant foreman had superposed a groggy trench coat on his shoulders. He was doodling in an attempt to excite his fancy. His intellect was crawling for new conceptions to emerge. How tranquil would it be to untangle an arsonist’s docket. He was breathing gnarly after having swilled half a bottle of bourbon. The eyes were twitching and the eyebrows in constant convulsion. Who was the valet and who the delinquent. Dismay filled his heart. From the window, the strays were strolling and the leaves were caressing the ground

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The prevail of the artifier

That was hilarious. Can’t famble any words to protrude my dodder. I conceited it was about to plop as a tweedle but it emerged like a kingpin. The pangs of terror sheared my smugness and hence, I have been trialling to atone by fleecing any ghastly qualms which in turn, vehemently gnaw, like hunger does, the opposing discern. I want to plunge a rigid hacksaw blade on a large cylindrical hilt in an, upholstered with subtle fleshy walls, ego.

αδιάφορη ισορροπία στη θεωρία παιγνίων

νά σ' κι εσένα, νά μ' κι εμένα.

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Conciliating the imperil

Yeah, exactly. What a clusterfuck. The Schmuck skimmed through the handbook of illiterate calligraphy and deciphered it according to his intellect. He differentiated the context into descrying a proceeding racket. So scummy he was! He kept discerning insofar as possible. There was no reoccurrence. Only a hoarse wheezing emanating from the decrepit abiding on the rear apartment. The schmuck commenced to bleat when the hinge applied a massy blow on his ring finger, a scar that would sport for the next three months. At least his hideout was impregnable. To be candid, although he was overindulging in chicken nuggets and wine, he was feeling inviolable at his well shrouded voluminous library.

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non-standard DNA analysis

standard analysis mainly deals with families of structures. non-standard analysis, on the other hand, deals with structures of families.

the central question in the field is
Q: "who's your daddy?"
the conjectured answer is
A: "i'm your daddy",
but it has only been established in a limited number of particular cases (c.f. the excellent survey paper of S.T. Ripper publised in the journal "Daddy", issue n. 57).

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Snaffling the titling bustle by using ferocious capitals

What was he iterating he was performing. Was he ascending to complacement by trekking around a snappy mood or was he, barely, a custodian of a predetermined restraining. When everything else would fail, he would plop into a lowdown uncontended and after any lousy climax, he would be fretting with his carnal spouse, his right palm. What a clusterfuck.

everything you never wanted to know about sex

- λοιπόν, τα λέμε από βδομάδα μαν.
- τι, την κάνεις;
- ναι, πάω πενθημεράκι ελσίνκι με βίκυ και χριστίνα. επιτέλους έπιασε το ψηστήρι.
- για παρτούζα θα πάτε;
- ε ναι, γιατί άλλο πάει ο κόσμος στο ελσίνκι.
- μπαρδεμένα μου τα λες.

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The almanac of a tacitum rifle

The rancid repelled both the bindlestiff and the vagabond from their feral pounding. Their confrontation blew over placing a lump of godawful casts and turning them into overlooking their primary famine. Both of them had served in the past, that warmongering, bloodthirsty curate. He used to lam the bindlestiff over and yonder, superposing invisible quinces gesturing with his palms while the latter was lodging wounded on the soil.  

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Grope for words

The conflagration presumably perished, right after emerging from the idyllic plethora of love. Who could allure the couple or who would have pangs of terror at termination, was a loathing loathe crawling thought which in turn, wallowed and chattered as a veritable disposal of uninflected oratory.

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Stroll in a stakeout

The flock of bruisers had flown the coop. Their vocation now was just to pound feral snakes at the steep inclinations of the timberland. Their discharge was filmic. At the commencement, there was bidding din for decoy and subsequently bawling off with the gullible lease holders. If you could hear a part of them weeping, that would be bogus, an idle charge to move on thrusting frantically.

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When will you stow that garrotte

On the trawler were hosted only two; a centenarian gendarme and an intrepid extra-terrestrial. The latter after he got bored of the palaver, in a way he discharged the former by grabbing him from the scruff and throwing him stark from the boat to the sea. He was then wading near the coast and finally his intellect engendered a creative vague notion; never go on badgering someone utmost adept